aka "Julie's Boot Camp for Artists"

"I gain more from these 4-day workshops than I did during a whole semester in college. Combine
that intense instruction with the animals and it’s a deal of a lifetime."
- workshop student


  I've been leading artist workshops at the Triple D Game Farm for 8? 9? years now, and each one is better and more fun than the last. Any artist who loves animals and wants to work on his/her drawing, values, and expression will find the workshop valuable. In each workshop, we focus on:
  • Photographing Triple D's gorgeous animals (cougars, bears, tiger, wolves, foxes, and much more - the animals we photograph are chosen by group vote)
  • Drawing - lots and lots of drawing! - both the infamous "2 minute sketches" and drawing from life, as well as longer projects
  • Building a foundation to critique our own and others' work
  • A focus on values to help build form
  • Experimenting with composition and "pushing our boundaries"
  • Plenty of give-and-take discussion of art, business, life, the universe, and everything

...and more. Read on for what's coming up, highlights from previous workshops and participant reviews:

Friday, Sept. 26 - Monday, Sept. 29
Kalispell, Montana
Limit 10 students - $1500 $1200 for 4 days

** $300 nonrefundable deposit due at registration

We should expect chilly nights, and crisp days that warm up nicely, as well as animals in good coat, and fall colors in the Flathead (Kalispall) area.

I'm keeping the price at $1200 for the 4 days, which is a huge bargain - just photographing Triple D's animals would cost far more than $1200 if you weren't a part of the workshop.

Please read the sample workshop schedule (including essentials on what to bring), as well as "From the Horse's Mouth" below, written by a repeat workshop participant.

Sample workshop schedule

From the 2012 autumn workshop...

Mon. Feb 2 - Thurs. Feb. 5
Wimberley, Texas
Limit 8-10 students - $1200 for 4 days

This workshop will incorporate longer studio exercises, and we'll be focusing on the "craft" of our work - with plenty of emphasis on drawing and values.

We'll be living and working at the elegant Creekhaven Inn, so this is a true "art retreat"! It's been called the "Cadillac of workshops" because of the all-inclusive nature of the event - your lodging and meals are included in the workshop fee!!

For more info, pricing, and to sign up, please visit www.wimberleyartistworkshops.com



Want to know what it's really like? This was written by a participant who has attended several workshops.


"As you will all find out, the larger brushes and larger pencils will be the preferred sizes from the cattle prodder Julie, so just leave the little stuff at home. Don't give her a chance to make an example of your picky drawing and painting styles by bringing picky small stuff to work with. This is about speed and freedom of expression. She doesn't give you time to be picky and you will thank her for it when you're done. Remember, these are LIVE ANIMALS that never stop moving. If you are practicing with the cats and dogs from home, you will have a good start, but trust me, these animals are just this side of wild and they never stop moving. It will test your skill at gesturing and it will make you a better artist in the long run. If you are a loose artist in your work, you will get better. If you are a picky artist you will get better.
The timed paintings will test your ability to make fast strokes of color and decisions about shapes and shadows and again it will test you in a good way and you will see results within a day. 
This is by far the best experience I have had in many years and that is why I am coming back with my daughter. The animals will have an impact on you and the workshop will test you. In the end, you will walk away with a great appreciation for the leader Julie, and you will have a clear understanding of where your weaknesses are and you will strengthen your skills for SURE.
Bring what you can, but make sure you are willing to go through a ton of pages of sketch paper and you will paint faster than you ever have. You will also be very glad you signed up for this experience and I can guarantee you will see a change in your work and skills when it's all done. The ranch is amazing, the people are even more amazing and the animals will just blow you away.
I am a full time Creative Director who paints as much as I can. This workshop has had lasting effects on my future and Julie will get every drop of your energy left at the ranch. I use the skills Julie taught me 2 years ago to this day, in my job and in my paintings. Get some rest and get ready for a wild ride of shooting, drawing, painting, training and good talk with fellow artists. The views are amazing and the folks at the ranch will make you want to leave wherever you are from and move to Montana."



Other quotes from workshop participants

  • "You probably do not charge enough. The money is worth every bit spent. The photography alone is worth the whole cost – not to mention the art instruction. This is the best which is why I keep coming back."

  • "I couldn't put a price on the progress I made in just 4 days."

  • "The amazing line up of animals we had access to – the hard work the trainers did to pose the animals and the critique & access we had to Julie was more than worth the fee. I have amazing amounts of material to work from in the future and the progress I made on drawing and value in just four days was wonderful!"

  • "Julie has a great personality and puts people at ease, recognizes each person’s need."

  • "Julie has a comfortable teaching manner with some humor tossed in. She pushes you hard and challenges you and makes you a better artist for it. You can see your drawing improve in just days. I recommend her workshops and Triple D to all my artist friends. She also is genuinely excited to see her students progress. Triple D animals are gorgeous and well-loved. The staff makes you feel right at home. Great teacher, great animals!"

  • "The art instruction, camera instruction, photography instruction – all were extremely informative. It is obvious that the instructor is interested in passing on her knowledge to the students, and sincerely cares about them and their journey."

  • "You taught me more about painting in 4 days than what I learned from a whole semester in college. I would love to come back and do this again."

  • "I recommend this to everyone I meet! Julie, you’re the best!"


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