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Here I will share news about juried and invitational shows, art events which I'll be attending, and similar Good Stuff. Note: events which I will be attending are denoted with red headlines.


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"Badass", 14 x 18 scratchboard

This piece is on tour with other selected works from the Top 100. It is available ($2700).

March 17 - April 14, 2013: Ella Carothers Dunnegan Gallery, Bolivar, MO

May 18 - July 28, 2013: Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History - Jamestown, NY

Aug 17 - Oct 13, 2013: Kenosha Public Museums - Kenosha, WI


The Pearce Museum
"A New Look at the West"
Sept. 6 - Oct. 18
Corsicana, TX

I am extremely pleased to have one of my new rodeo horse paintings juried into this inaugural exhibit by The Pearce Museum, "A New Look at the West" - an exhibition that, unlike other western art shows today, will offer a contemporary flavor with the art selected.

For more about the show, visit the Pearce Museum's page.

(right) "Freedom", 24 x 24 oil on gallery-wrapped canvas


National Museum of Wildlife Art
Jackson, WY
Sept. 12-13, 2013

(top right) "Op Art", 11 x 14 scratchboard

(bottom right) "Lion Dreams", 12 x 16 conte on panel

I'm delighted (as always) to be part of this prestigious show at the Museum.

My miniature piece is the zebra scratchboard, and in this work I've taken some liberties with how I render the stripes by using interestingly patterned hatchwork in some areas. My intent is to get away from purely rendering my subject (leading to the dreaded "It looks like a photo!" comment) and to interpret my values with more artistic license.

My sketch piece was created with conte on a smooth gesso panel. Prey that is young and giddy, inattentive, distracted - surely when lions dream, they dream of this.


Equine Jubilee
The Arts Castle
Aug. 26 - Oct. 23
Delaware, OH

I'm originally an Ohio farm girl, so I'm pleased to be exhibiting several new works with this horse-themed show and sale in my old stomping grounds. For more information about the show, please visit

(Right) "Tough Enough to Wear Pink", 20x16 oil on cradled panel. The title derives from the breast-cancer theme day that many rodeos in Montana include in their schedule; this cowboy is clearly tough enough to wear whatever he wants.

(Below) "Shadow Bronc diptych", acrylic on a pair of 14x11 gesso panels. My scratchboard work bears witness to how enamored I am with the drama of black-and-white imagery. I wanted to work with that same drama, but in a looser, freer, brushier manner than is possible with scratchboard. These two pieces are very satisfying - I'm quite pleased with them. They are framed separately to allow the collector to hang them in any composition.


The Wildlife Experience
"The Wildlife Experience in Art Show & Sale"
Sept. 28 - Jan. 5
Parker, CO

I am delighted to have two scratchboards juried into this show, which will open in conjunction with a new event at the museum called "Wildlife Art and Wine" (sounds like a GREAT combinaton to me!). I may be attending the opening of this show on Sept. 28 - 29 and demonstrating scratchboard - stay tuned for more details!

(right) "Too Sexy", 16 x 12 scratchboard
(below) "African Elegance", 12 x 12 scratchboard


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